Promo Arrivals

Brand new mid-week arrivals of their own: do yourself a favour and check out the latest release »#KingButch« (Concord Jazz) by Butcher Brown which is an amazing, heavy fusion of contemporary hip-hop, ‘70s Fusion, ‘60s Jazz and Funk! Furthermore you could see his first ever livestream event hosted by Bandcamp Live! which is on Thurs, Dec. 10 at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm GMT!

Matasuna Records is ending the year with an absolutely banger on the 45 format: Fred Ramirez‘ two smashers »Hold On I’m A Comin’« & »Comin‘ Home Baby«! It’s an official reissue and it’s for the first time on on 7inch, no digital.

Next up is multi-instrumentalist Pete Josef from Bristol with his new album »I Rise With The Birds« (Sonar Kollektiv) on white double-vinyl. He played live with Roni Size and Kelis, founded a band with Ex-Underworld member Darren Emerson and creates a wonderful mixture of Soul, Funk, Pop und Jazz.

Last but not least is the new album by Belgian trio Under the Reefs Orchestra (Capitane Records) which is surrounded by gloomy and hypnotic grooves in a spectrum of Funk, Post Rock and a pinch of Jazz for the upcoming winter season.

Thanks to y’all for sending me these wonderful records and be sure to hear them in my next shows on Brooklyn Radio! 🍁🍂

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