Promo Arrivals

Cool midweek arrivals: some serious jazz and soul gems on wax in the box straight from Finland’s Timmion Records, big up!

Starting with their upcoming 45 release – a string loaden, wonderful piece of mid-tempo soul groove by Fred featuring Cold Diamond & Mink which is called „Sweet Thing“. Cold Diamond & Mink are represented as well on the other singles alongside Carlton J Smith in a superb sixties-style. As usual you’ll get the instrumental versions on the flip by the Finnish masters of soul and funk cuts as well. Check these three releases „I’d Better“, „Ain’t That Love“ and „Help Me (Save Me From Myself)“ if you love hazy or fuzzy horns, wah-wah guitars and 60s soul style drum breaks!

The next 45 is by Pratt & Moody a.k.a. Tuomo & Markus and their heartfelt contemporary soul tune „Wheels Turning“ on a relaxed, laidback beat.

Last but not least Finnish trumpetist Jukka Eskola and his jazz trio with their second album on Timmion including anything from superb groove jazz, fatback funk, progressive jazz to brazilian vibes! Jukka and drummer Teppo Mäkynen were also part of the iconic The Five Corners Quintet.

Expect these records in my next shows on Brooklyn Radio.

One ♡ !

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