Promo Arrivals

New heat is in the place, check this: 90s Tapes, HHV Records‚ dope offshoot delivers another heavy sureshot in a gatefold, triple (colored) vinyl! I’ve never heard of this group before but The Realist with their album »Time Killaz • Gimme ♡« is another underground gem from the Golden Era with lots of amazing tracks, booom! It already sold out in less than 3 hours…

Izipho Soul drops a first-time-on-45 releases by Tommy Stewart and his incredible super funky disco productions »Fulton County Line« and »Riding High«, go and get it!

Last but not least my friends from japanese jazz band Nautilus sent me their brand new vinyl release »Refrain« which is chockfull of groovy heat and jazzy delicacies like their cover version of »Ain’t No Sunshine«.

Much love to y’all and be sure to hear them in my last show of this year in Mid-December but before be aware of my upcoming Hip Hop-episode on Brooklyn Radio next Monday!

Have a great weekend! 🍂🍁🧡

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