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Mid-week vinyl arrivals! đŸŒ»

Vinyl Digital comes correct with a big package of pure heaters! Two records of their label own instrumental series »EXPEDITion 100« with broski Figub Brazlevič from Berlin including dope Boombap bangers to chilled Jazzhop sounds and American producer Sweeps with his contribution to this series with very smooth LoFi beats. Both are limited to 100 copies and housed in a printed innersleeve and an additional cutout sleeve which looks really nice!

KRS-One with his raw album »Now Hear This« from 2015 in a purple vinyl version, Zetta & Wilczynski a.k.a. Timberlake Twins with really cool German Lofi rap on fancy white-pink splattered vinyl and ending with T-Sow (La Base Officiel) from France with his new banging album which is entirely produced by the Tru Comers!

Thanks for sending me these great records and be sure to hear them in my next shows on Brooklyn Radio. Stay tuned for more news in the next days and enjoy your day! ☀

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