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Big tunes alert from HHV Records! ­čÜĘ

HHV’s imprint and record label 90s Tapes is conjuring a delicious reissue of Craig Mack’s debut album ┬╗Project: Funk Da World┬ź on tasty orange double vinyl which is mainly produced by Mack himself and Easy Mo Bee!
And if that were not enough they did an additional 45 release with his banger ┬╗Flava In Ya Ear┬ź backed with Q-Tip’s ┬╗Get Down Remix┬ź. Better hurry up before they’re gone! R.I.P. Craig Mack!

DJ, producer and designer V.Raeter from Berlin drops his really hot Lost & Found album with lots of heavy instrumentals and garnished with top notch samples, tip! Last but not least some headnod heaven for all fans of jazzy 90’s rap by supergroup The Starting 5ive consisting of The Starting 5ive consists of The Good People, Horror City (of DeLaSoul / Prince Paul fame), Carta P. (one half of 90’s underground group Adagio!) and Quentin Gilmore.

Thanks for sending me this dopeness on wax and be sure to hear it in my next show on Brooklyn Radio. Have a good weekend, y’all! ԜǴŞĆ

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