❄ How cool is this? This morning I opened my refrigerator and found some stone cold doubles of the new Waxnerds45 in it with icy brazilian bboy breaks which are available tomorrow! Thx, mates!

Next up I discovered some chilling records by Farfalla Records straight from France. They’ve sent me a compilation of Jacky Giordano’s work from the early 70s with plenty of funky breaks and hard grooves, including afro-cuban rhythms, wild jazzy sounds, fuzz guitar, sax and strings, the 40th Anniversary Edition of a collection with cosmic disco by Yan Tregger and a test pressing of an upcoming supercool library album from De Wolfe. Big ups for these beauties!

Be sure to hear all of them in my next episode for Brooklyn Radio on the 20th May with lots of fresh tunes and two/three exclusive guest mixes! ❄