Promo Arrivals

Wowzers! These weekend promo arrivals are strictly no brainers and they will sounding loud and proud in my next show on Brooklyn Radio!

Once again HHV Records is releasing just the best of the best including dope instrumentals by Paris-based producers Alcynoos & Parental (de Kalhex) with their collaborative effort »Shapes« on Beat Jazz International which is full of mellow tunes. Hans-Solo and @MC Jaden Castro come correct with their release »The Gengis LP« and a heavy dose of jazzy Hip Hop and Beats (including all the instrumentals too), Broaks from Finland (Odd Funk) with Breaks, Beats, Electronic, Trip Hop and thoughtful poetry by Mariah Voutilainen in the mix, HHV’s own label 90s Tapes with another top-notch underground classic by Long Island’s Punk Barbarians which is available for the first time with all the original tracks and which comes in high-grade UV-finished gatefold sleeve with black poly-lined innersleeves on red and green vinyl. Last but not least Kool Taj the Gr8 X Pete Rock on a dope 45 with a tribute to the Lo Life culture, history & legacy!

Soul Flip is also back again with a new 45 and I really love this double-sided gem with edits of Ella Fitzgerald & Tammi Terrell! Aldo Vanucci and Del Gazeebo are delivering again and again!

Massive respect and love for sending me these beautiful pieces on wax! Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned! ☀️✌️

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