Promo Arrivals

Serious Friday 45s-heat arrived!

The brand new Resense Austria by SoulBrigada is in the starting blocks including two soul burners, three further soul singles on Izipho Soul Records (ZIP Promotions Ltd) including sweet tracks by Ronn Colbert, Marc Staggers with »Key To My Heart« as a disco remix by legend Tom Moulton and their latest 45 by Dutch Robinson. Last but not least HHV Records with their brand new HHV Boombap 45 (happy release day!) by Lost Boys with two classic cuts: »Renee« & »The Yearn«. Thanks to y’all for sending me these records!

All in my brand new Tucker & Bloom Sidekick 45 bag which was developed with the help of Rich Medina. Okay, I tried to build a bridge… Rich Medina joined me with an exclusive guest mix for my 100th jubilee episode for Brooklyn Radio last month together with Kutiman and Chris Read. You can listen to it here: before my new guest mix gets on air upcoming Monday on a very cool German online magazine about music, urban art and netculture. Stay tuned.

Peace! 🕊

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