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Sunny hood morning! My 100th episode on Brooklyn Radio has already reached nearly 4000 plays in a few days with current #1 & #2 positions in the Mixcloud-genre chart jazz, funk and beats! Thanks for listening and much love to my great guests Rich Medina, Kutiman and Chris Read! Rewind here:

A couple of days ago I started my first two raised-beds with a lot of sweat and time but the first results are visible: a flame red-yellow 45 from Matasuna Records with Nico Gomez‘ »Lupita« plus the heavy edit by Bosq on the flip! Slick Walk a.k.a. Dj Robert Smith & Merse of Jazzanova & The Ruffcats with their tasty 7″ and 5″(!) which sproud besides with heavy beats and sample heaven.

The good people from HHV Records with an abundant and delicious harvest: Godfather Don with »Osmosis« which is produced by Parental (Akromégalie Records) including all instrumentals on coloured vinyl, superb Jazz from New Zealand by Clear Path Ensemble (C O S M I C | C O M P O S I T I O N S) and Danish trio Athletic Progression with dope atmospheric jazz-hop!

Last but not least Torb The Roach on KingUnderground with an amazing instrumental album full of dusty loops and beats from the SP1200/S950 combo as well as dubs & ef-fects from the Roland 201 Space Echo.

Be sure to hear them in my upcoming shows, thx to y’all!
Stay safe and have some refreshing Easter days! ☀️🐰

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