Promo Arrivals

Straight out the jungle with my brand new vinyl arrivals.

Starting with a true sure shot of a 45: Kid Sundance with his version of James Brown which is called James Crown on Rucksack Records. Try to get your hands on this limited gem. It’s nearly sold out everywhere.

Vinyl Digital sent me a nice package including Brous One and his »Cinta De Ritmos One 2 Three« which involves his three sold out 10“ issues of this magnificent beat series. The other four records are test pressings by Vanilla and his new masterpiece full of dreamy jazz vibes, heavy Boom Bap heaven by Mz Boom Bap and raps by Ryler Smith on »Vers Libre« which is an exclusive limited 7 track vinyl EP including all 7 instrumentals on the B side. And twofold upcoming german rap records by Sonne Ra x Dramadigs with »Str8 INGE INGE« (Meisel) and Elsta & Flip Ferocious plus DJ WordUp aka Hinz & Kunz with »Aus allen Wolken (Im Eifer des Geschwätz Pt. II)«.

Last but not least pure Crowd Company with their third studio album »Lowdown« which is an ace heavy mix of mod soul and funk and which is produced by Alan Evans (Soulive)!

Thanks to y’all for sending me these beauties and be sure to hear them in my 100th jubilee episode on the 6th of April via Brooklyn Radio. I’m working on it for you with high pressure and I’ll celebrate it with tons of good music to come better through these hard times together!

One ♡ !

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