Colorful sounds on a grey day! Thanks for these amazing new releases on wax!

Starting with producer KAZAHAYA from Tokyo who delivers a couple of late night dancefloor sureshots on the mysterious Disco Bits label, inter alia, a beautiful version of »Ain’t No Mountain High Enough«. More heat from Japan arrived by producer duo Tnkz (Jeebz and Zumi) who sent me doubles of their 12″ »Quiet House« which is full of dope Boom Bap, Rap, jazzy Vibes and Scratching. Limited to 100!

Underdog Records are back again with an amazing duo who call oneself HILA – L.A. based cellist Artyom Manukyan official & producer Dawatile / David Kiledjian – and who fuse a cosmos of Jazz, L.A.-beat scene and Armenian retro references on one album which is called »21«.

Next up one of my favourite cinematic Soul-bands Magic In Threes teams up with KingUnderground to release their album »III« for the first time on vinyl. Ace stuff as always from this UK based label! And btw: did you already listen to Magic In Threes‘ exclusive track »Measly Peace« on my compilation »Oonops Drops – Vol.2« (Agogo Records)?

And last but not least much love to Liquid Beat Records from Portland, Oregon who sent me their latest release by Roane Namuh which is called »Petrichor« featuring rappers and singers Count Bass D, Nanna.B, Vursatyl, Libretto, Blossom, and Stanley Ipkuss. Excellent (future) beat-based music across a diverse range of styles and tempos!

That’s it for this week. You’ll get more multicolored sounds in my latest episode with exclusive guest mixes by Dusty (Jazz & Milk), Shepdog (NICE UP! records) and Figub Brazlevič (Krekpek Records) which already landed on the #1 positions with #funk and #dub as well on #2 in #jazz and #beats on Mixcloud:…/oonops-drops-multicolored-sound-4

Have a great weekend and be sure to hear these records in my next shows for Brooklyn Radio (NYC) ! ☁️