Promo Arrivals

Hood morning, records from another galaxy arrived! 🚀

Block Opera, a young label and home for producers and beatmakers who believe in their craft and vision sent me doubles of their dope record by Packed Rich which is based on instrumental Hip Hop with explorations in housy 4 to the floor vibes, wonky broken beat, or some jazz improv. Their next release is a brand new and entirely instrumental album by Nobodys Face which is between spheric lo-fi vibes meet brute signature-bass braggadocio and who joins forces with Torky Tork, Suff Daddy and many more. Check their whole back catalogue if you’re into (Lo-Fi) Instrumental Hip Hop!

BombStrikes from the UK are back again with a tidy, bona fide dancefloor 45 bomb by Andy Cooper and Dr Syntax who get remixed by The Allergies for full effect!

Kasimir Effekt, a trio from my hometown who play analogue elektro with a touch of jazz will release their first vinyl debut soon via quadratisch rekords which is full of fluctuating Beats with double bass, drums and Fender Rhodes. Underground tipp!

Trust in Wax with the first release under its sublabel »Antitype« and their limited, heavy 12″ drum’n’bass tune »Take A Look« by Atwashere aka DJ At plus a bass-heavy remix by BorkerBrothers.

And last but not least new heat from Matasuna Records on a fiery double-sider with two splendid tracks by Paris based Afrobeat band Batunga & The Subprimes.

Be sure to hear these delicacies in my next show upcoming Monday on Brooklyn Radio.

Have a good weekend! One ♡!

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