New vinyl arrival knocked at my door!

The good people from Germany’s We Keep Shit Dope Records sent me their brand new 45 by Baronski who teamed up with Ugly Duckling (Official)’s Andy Cooper to bring you the heat on this double sider including a dancefloor banger on side A and some mystic vibes on the flip! Out in early February. Another release and vinyl debut from People in the Audience with underground Germany rap and MPC-beats plus two international tracks which are full of chopped samples and creaking drumbreaks.

Vampisoul from Madrid, Spain reissue Atlanta’s singer and guitarist Lee Moses with his amazing track »Bad Girl« on a sweet little 45. The original goes for over 300€, so be quick on this one!

And last but not least WEWANTSOUNDS are back again with another high quality reissue with one of Japan’s highly sought-after disco funk soundtrack from 1977 featuring the cream of the Tokyo scene. It’s The Mystery Kindaichi Band with »The Adventure Of Kohs« on fresh remastered vinyl plus Obi Strip. Tipp!

Thanks to y’all and be sure to hear these records in my upcoming show on Brooklyn Radio. Meanwhile my latest episode »The Art Of Chilling« with KAZAHAYA & biodub hit four times the number one positions on Mixcloud in the genre charts #beats #soul #jazz and #dub.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends! ✌️