Promo Arrivals

Sun-ripened rekkids arrived! ☀️

I hereby have the name for my upcoming show on Brooklyn Radio: »The Art Of Chlling«. It’s the new album by The BREED on multicolor splattered vinyl which looks and sounds super fresh! Every month gets its own unique production and beautiful hand drawn artwork.
The next Vinyl Digital output is by lofi producer Wun Two with his laid-back series Snow Vol.3 & 4 on snow white vinyl and which is the perfect soundtrack for cosy hours on the couch in the cold winter time.

SIC Records from the UK sent me a test press of their upcoming album »International Jazz Playaz« (limited to 150) which exhales a new take on this generation of modern and contemporary jazz music starring TRACISGREY, Lil Creepshow, DJ Domsta and Mackjunt. Check these bouncy productions!

Last one is a sweet little 45 from Spain’s Cuero Records who deliver their next sure shot dancefloor double sider! Leo Soto & Pépé Luiz on the a- and b-side with 50s/60s latin, wild r&b & latin popcorn. Get your doubles and let the zebra fit together, nice artwork!

Thanks to y’all for sending me these records and be sure to hear them in my next show!

Have a sunny and relaxed weekend!

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