Here are my latest latecomers from last Saturday such as a brand new threesome by Vinyl Digital including a top-notch banger by Oskar Hahn & Frank Schöpke – Saxophonist with smooth jazzy boom bap sounds plus saxophone and who act as father and son as the title suggests: »Vater und Sohn 2«. Next one is the new album by hip hop legend KRS-One which is called »The World Is Mind« and an almost lost mid 90’s classic by MC Shortie No Mass gets finally reissued (produced by Rockwilder & Da Beatminerz)!

Freshly squeezed test pressings by WEWANTSOUNDS from Paris with their fourth reissue of Akiko Yano / 矢野顕子 in their catalogue and which is a beautiful piece of work from 1980 including her cult version of YMO’s classic »Tong Poo«. It’s the first time the album is released outside of Japan.

More beats and rhymes by Gigolo D & JerMc on Heiße Luft from Vienna who sent me their brand new plus first release which are a dope melange of jazz and rap. Last one is a record from the beginning of this year by Der O of Kram aus der Ecke and which is packed with laid back instrumental hip hop and cuts.

Thanks to y’all and be sure to hear them in my first show of the year on Brooklyn Radio! In case you’ve missed my last show of 2019, here it is with high-class selections by my guests Michela Cini Dj, Professor Shorthair (Superjock Records) and myself:

One ♡ !