Promo Arrivals

New worldwide vinyl arrivals from three continents with amazing fresh music!

Starting in Japan where pianist Kazumi Kaneda comes from and who’s already featured on my latest »Oonops Drops – Vol.2« compilation on Agogo Records. He released his brand new album full of finest and multifaceted jazzy hip hop on Inner Ocean Records which is a must-have for all the headz!

Switching over to Australia and wishing a happy birthday to Hopestreet Recordings‚ 10th jubilee! They celebrate it with an excellent compilation named »Over Under Away« including their first generation of artists like The Putbacks, Emma Donovan and many more who present a top-notch selection of soul and funk.

UK’s underground label Justgoodbeats hailing from South East London comes correct with a crystal clear lathe 7″ by LOOMS who cleverly weaves chosen samples through warm filters and lush reverbs accompanied by deep subs and electronic edges. Limited edition of 30(!).

Multi-talent and producer Shawn Lee who is born in Wichita / Kansas and influenced with country music is back with his brand new gem named »Rides Again« (Légère Recordings / Tobi Kirsch) and which is a very personal journey into the world of soul-inspired country music.

Back to my home country Germany where a young independent record label named Block Opera delivers their third banger »Time Is Only Space And Sky Is Not The Limit« by Lito Akari. Expect nothing else than a beat odyssey into the unknown through time and space of the infinite universe inter alia with a feature by Dexter (Producer)! It’s infused with frilly drums, Lo-Fi beats drifting off to classic breaks and pumping West Coast vibes.

A few kilometres further Trust in Wax prepares their limited edition of Atwashere aka DJ At’s 45 »Uhhh!«. Until then I’m happy to drop the other version including a killer remix by Baronski and his instrumental boom bap head nod monster with deep kicks, hard hittin’ snares and some decent scratches by his fellow colleague DJ Smoot!

Thanks again to y’all for this batch of wonderful music and be sure to hear them in my next show(s) on Brooklyn Radio!

Last but not least please do not forget to listen to my current episode of »Oonops Drops« which has already reached 3.3k listeners in just 4 days including the amazing Official Fingathing, Dan Englander (KingUnderground) and Dj Suspect in exclusive guest mixes:…/oonops-drops-fingathing-friends !
If you need even more musical input then have a listen to my new exclusive guest mix for the good people of Stylerberg and their radio show »Deux Heures De Phonk« by Deux Messieurs De Phonk:

And now: enjoy your weekend! Much love! ♡ ♡ ♡

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