Promo Arrivals

Hey, I’m playing some rekkids tonight at Monkeys Hannover with my bro Ferry Ultra! Come hang if you’re around!

Furthermore my good friends from Chinese Man Records straight outta Marseille (France) sent me their brand new release by ASM – A State of Mind on beautiful marbled double vinyl with bass-heavy rap and undeniable bangers of all shades featuring La Fine Equipe – LFE, Cutty Ranks and many more. Their second release is a reissue of the legendary »The Groove Sessions Vol.3« on red triple vinyl for their upcoming 15th anniversary including Chinese Man, Taiwan MC – Chinese Man Records, Matteo – Chinese Man Records, Dynamite MC and many more. Be quick on this limited, fiery collectors item!

Next up are FVNKSTER$ with their superb 8-track release »Makulatur« on Dezi-Belle full of freshest hip hop beats and live instruments by Sprotte, Fredstarr and Ebbe Funk. Highly limited edition of 200 Vinyl copies!

Zap Mama’s acclaimed debut and Grammy-nominated album from 1991 gets a proper vinyl release on Crammed Discs (Belgium). The five women of Congolese/Belgian origin are famous for their joyous acapella mix of Pygmy music, human beatbox sounds, Central African or Arabic pop tunes, ragamuffin under Zairean influence, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and a touch of soul & gospel. Nuff said.
Last but not least Glitterbeat Records‚ brand new album »Sahira« by singer-songwriter and activist Aziza Brahim who became a voice for refugees across the globe. Her music reflects both the sorrow and the hope of these people and outlines a dialogue between tradional instruments like the tabla drums and electronic music. (Thanks to Uta Bretsch_Communications for connecting!)

Big ups to y’all for these beauties and be sure to hear them sound loud and proud in my next episode for Brooklyn Radio! One ♡ !

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