My heart goes Bumm Clack because lots of new vinyl arrived and I’m spinning records on a roof-top tonight at Historisches Museum Hannover @ Oonops Drops | Nacht der Museen! Come hang if you’re in town!

Bumm Clack from Munich delivered a bunch of their dope underground hip hop and instrumental business by Harry Crotch, Arm und Hässlich Crew, POLY POLY, Grasime, Samadee Duppy & ATP Crew, thx!

Furthermore Ballantyne Communications sent me Fémale’s new album which is recorded and produced by Quantic Music and features Iggy Pop. Def check out their show in London at Rich Mix London next Monday if you’re around!

And be quick to grab a copy of HHV Records‚ brand new Boombap 45 of Jamal’s summer anthem „Keep It Real“ which is produced by Eric Sermon! More boombap sounds by Nicki Samt and his first instrumental album on Styler Berg, nice one!

Big ups to y’all! ♡

Enjoy your weekend and tune in to my forthcoming show on Brooklyn Radio next Monday!