Oonops Drops – Ruff Cuts

Just wow! My brand new »Oonops Drops«-45 arrived in two colorways for you: black or purple translucent and it includes three amazing tracks!I wanted to select tunes which reflect the diversity of my show on Brooklyn Radio.

You’ll get funky Hip Hop by The Ruffcats in a Slick Walk Remix (Dj Robert Smith & Merse) plus dope rhyming by Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper, japanese Instrumental Hip Hop by producer 6th Generation (Show Tiku Bai Records) and jazzy beat heaven by Clockwerk & Bird Moves!

Illustration by Sven Waschk.

Get your copies on Agogo Records bandcamp shop before the official release date (or wait until it hits your local record shop soon): https://djoonops.bandcamp.com/album/various-artists-oonops-drops-ruff-cuts

Thanks for your support, it keeps me continuing what I love! 💜

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