Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 3

Brand new multicolored sounds in my freshly squeezed show for Brooklyn Radio including an exclusive guest mix by hip hop producer Ol‘ Burger Beats from Norway: www.mixcloud.com/brooklyn…/oonops-drops-multicolored-sound-3

I’m opening the show with jazz, instrumentals and beats with or without raps, latin flavours, soul and funk, laidback sounds and much more! Including labels and acts like UK four-member jazz band ILL Considered in the intro plus their new track „Gunning“, Kon in superdope remix of Mothership Konnection followed by DJ MOAR’s new and equal dope new 45 track „BB“, Dusty DonutsJim Sharp & Naughty NMX mash up Notorious B.I.G. vs Herb Alpert, Danny Breaks with a classic heavy bass tune, FloFilz with „Jacamar“ of his brand new album on Melting Pot Music which is really amazing, instrumental goodness by Hazy Year on the fresh compilation „Solstice“ (Aviary Bridge Records), Fémina (Ballantyne Communications) with their beautiful latin flavoured track „Perlas“ which is produced by Quantic Music, a new limited 45 by Daytoner with a real soul stomper, Pat Van Dyke in a heavy version of Bob James classic „Nautilus“, Melodiesinfonie on Sichtexot with laidback heaven followed by sweet vocals on heavy beats from Devaloop & Samura Loré (Radio Juicy), rzuma x Bassti on Dezi-Belle with their nice instrumental tune „Plotting“ which gets released today and more!

At 55:08 min Ol‘ Burger Beats takes over the control with tracks of his upcoming album plus a selection of his favourite current music. Def check out his upcoming album Daybreaks on Beat Jazz International / HHV Records.

And now enjoy this timeless mixtape for all of you avid and discernable listeners while late night cruising, slowing down or just daydreaming.

Download & tracklist: http://brooklynradio.com/oonops-drops-multicolored-sound-3/