Oonops Drops – Love & Happiness

This episode is about Love & Happiness. Oonops gets visited by dj and producer Kazahaya (Breakin‘ Bread) from Tokyo/Japan who is known for his crispy beats combined with funk, soul and hip hop. But before Oonops starts the show with a smooth cover version by Taggy Matcher from France of the title-giving track. Followed by some (dubby) funk tracks by artists like Mato with a magnificent cover version of Shaft, Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators he turns from jazz by Yuseef Kamaals‘ Lowrider to afro and brazilian vibes. And stripping the beats back to allow time and space to ascend. „Yeah, walkin‘ together. Yeah, talkin‘ together. Moan for love. Talkin‘ bout the power of love! (Al Green)“ As ever – this show is vinyl only.

Artwork by Sebastian Otto

Download & full tracklist