Oonops Drops – Freeze

The last month in winter has come and I’d like to serve you a stone cold musical selection of ice cool tracks on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-freeze

This time I’ve invited a master of edits – french producer The Reflex from London who exclusively mixed up 100% Reflex revisions for your listening pleasure. Next up Matt Nelkin – head honcho of Liquid Beat Records from Portland, Oregon which is an independent label focusing on all forms of modern soulful music with a dope beats mix and producer, DJ (and live band) Daytoner from Cornwall, UK is closing the show with a fiery Gospel / Soul edits mix plus some added exclusives of him!

As usual I’m opening the show with a multigenre vinyl selection of brand new releases in Soul, Funk, Jazz, Beats, Hip Hop and Reggae. In the mix are tracks by The Soul Tune Allstars (Soul Tune) with latin soul heaven from Sweden, Del Gazeebo (Art Surgery), Sono Rhizmo (Resense Austria) and Ayo (Wagram Music) with reggae(sque) heat, cool soul’n’funk’n’jazz by Brainstory (Big Crown Records), Magic In Threes (KingUnderground) and Noujazz featuring Nick Kurosawa, going straighter to the dancefloor with hot nuggets by Roane Namuh (Liquid Beats), Soul Flip, The Sorcerers (ATA Records) and KAZAHAYA (Disco Bits), folkloric fusion sounds by HILA (Underdog Records) and raw desert funk by Kutiman, beats’n’raps by Vienna (Just Good Beats) and Les Bonmots featuring WARPATH (Am Apparat), spiritual, free-jazz by Angel Bat Dawid (International Anthem) and outro instrumentals by Original Bartman (Am Apparat).

Download and tracklist: http://brooklynradio.com/oonops-drops-freeze
Oonops (0:00 min – 53:19 min)
The Reflex (53:19 min – 1:53:14 min)
Matt Nelkin (1:53:41 min – 2:23:09 min)
Daytoner (2:23:36 min – 3:00:09 min)

Serve chilled! 🧊 🧊 🧊