Oonops Drops – A Hip Hop Special 3

Here is my brand new and massive third ‚A Hip Hop Special‘ for Brooklyn Radio with two and a half hours of finest beats & rhymes without any commercials or speeches and three exclusive guest mixes by legendary producer and educator J Rawls from Ohio – one half of Lone Catalysts, GONES from France who is known for his Ghettoblastershow and Flipout (Red Bull Thre3Style | Universal Zulu Nation) from Vancouver with an all 45s B-Sides-mixtape!

Check it out here: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynrad…/oonops-drops-hip-hop-special-3

Before I open up the show (as usual) with jazzy beats and raps by Pat Van Dyke & John Robinson, Funk League, Headnodic featuring Raashan Ahmad, DJ Obsolete featuring E.T.E.L (Village Live), Glad2Mecha & ILL Treats (HHV Records), Blaque Spurm, Arm & Hässlich, eloquent (Sichtexot), Ol‘ Burger Beats featuring ScienZe and Jamal (HHV Boombap 45s)! My other focus is on instrumental hip hop by Hands (PQuest PQ), Nicki Samt (Styler Berg), Krooks (POSTPARTUM.), Bumm Clack’s Samadee & LeoLex, Arm & Hässlich & Harry Crotch, @L-One (Keller Flavour), Meister Lampe, heavy breaks by Jonny Drop (KingUnderground), Gibmafuffi (WSP Entertainment) and digitalluc (Sichtexot)!

Download & tracklist: http://brooklynradio.com/oonops-drops-hip-hop-special-3

Enjoy to the fullest!