End of the year

A tough year 2020 is drawing to an end and we all recognise its negative sides, so I’d like to mention some personal (musical) highlights of it to keep my head up.

I’ve dropped 24 episodes of my »Oonops Drops« show on Brooklyn Radio including 56 different guests from around the globe and over 120.000 plays on Mixcloud!

I’ve started my little talk podcast »Wax‘ Talk« with the first four episodes including 11 guests on Mixcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.I did 8 guest mixes for Laid Back Radio, RAP-N-BLUES.com, Breakin Bread, Eavesdrop Radio, Radio Z, The Asymetrics, Progolog and a top 10 for Brooklyn Radio.

On Agogo Records I had the chance to continue releasing the music which I love on my first three Resenses and my »Oonops Drops 100«-45. But this is only the beginning: I’m already working with a lot of energy on many different vinyl projects with amazing artists for next year, so stay excited!

So thanks and much love to all listeners, my true supporters, my label Agogo Records and to all guests who joined me in my episodes on Brooklyn Radio as there are Rich Medina, Coldcut’s Jon More, The Reflex, DJ Hunger (Gagle Official), DJ Andy Smith, The Allergies, Kutiman, Chris Read, Greg Belson, DJ Maestro, Ancient Astronauts, Dr Rubberfunk, Jazzcat, Marc Hype, Dj Robert Smith, FLIP (Texta), Ryuhei The Man, DJ Catalist, Jim Sharp, Grzly Adams, Dusty (Jazz & Milk), Twit One, Falk-Schacht, DJ Maars, Shepdog, Figub Brazlevič, Lobito Brigante, DJar One, KARBUNCK LOTTINGER, Long Arm, Smoove, Àbáse, Del Gazeebo, DJ Rhythm Funk Bug, DYNAMITE SOUL, Kista, Mitsubachi, DJ Snatch, KAZAHAYA, Vice Beats, Danny Veekens (The Find Mag), Oliver Korthals, Skeg, Justgoodbeats, biodub, Matt Nelkin, Daytoner, Casbah 73, Mr Brown, STINOE, Paul De Loecker, Thoma, Dr.Best, The Rebel DJ, Slick Walk, Mike Clay, Lord Funk, King Most and Matt (WEWANTSOUNDS)!

I really miss djing in real venues but 2021 will hopefully bring a positive change to see other people back again in front of the turntables and beside with a little drink.

Thus far: keep strong, stay safe & healthy and have a good start into 2021!

Yours truly



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