Oonops Drops – A Hip Hop Special 5

Ayooo, let’s dive deep into the fifth part of my »A Hip Hop Special«-series on Brooklyn Radio with three (inter)national djs/selectors and their exclusive (guest) mixes: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-a-hip-hop-special-5 After opening the show with ten heavy vinyl cuts, Bulgarian scratch wizard DJ DELightfull plays a fiery Hip Hop-set on three turntables before freestyle multigenre DJ, producer and… Oonops Drops – A Hip Hop Special 5 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Welcome 2021

Let’s leave 2020 behind, keep your heads up and look forward to a year of freshest music with my »Oonops Drops« show on Brooklyn Radio, hny! Listen here: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-welcome-2021 For this first episode of 2021 I’ve invited Red Bull 3Style winner Nick Bike from Canada again with a powerful mixture of his mighty Hip Hop… Oonops Drops – Welcome 2021 weiterlesen


My last musical contribution for 2020 which is a little journey to and fro between dub, jazz and beats. It’s a guest mix for the homies of The Asymetrics collective who were part of Taiwan MC – Chinese Man Records’s last album (Chinese Man Records) and who are always odd never aligned: www.mixcloud.com/The_Asymetrics/asymetrics-mixtape-7 You’ll find… Oonops presents ASYMETRICAL DROPS weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Winter Heaters

Woooooop – my last episode of 2020 on Brooklyn Radio is ending with a big blast! I’ve invited three renowned guests with their exclusive and very special guest mixes to serve you the best music for your listening pleasure: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-winter-heaters Starting with producer and DJ Andy Smith (BBE Music / Soho Radio) from the UK… Oonops Drops – Winter Heaters weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – 80s Rap 45s Throwdown 2

My brand new »Oonops Drops« show on Brooklyn Radio is out now via Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-80s-rap-45s-throwdown-2 This time you’ll get the second part of my »80s Rap 45s Throwdown 2« on your ears by my guest homies Marc Hype and Dj Robert Smith from Berlin’s Dusty Donuts crew with their favourite rap 45s from the 80s… Oonops Drops – 80s Rap 45s Throwdown 2 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Autumn Vibes

My new episode of »Oonops Drops« is as manifold as the colourful splendour of nature at this time of the year. Listen to it here: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-autumn-vibes My guests are no other than Jon More – one half of legendary Coldcut and founding member of Ninja Tune – who joins me for the second time and… Oonops Drops – Autumn Vibes weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Straight From Japan 4

Yōkoso to my fourth episode of »Straight From Japan« with exlusive guest mixes from Japan and including japanese-only tracks in my mix-part (or which are released in Japan). Listen to it here on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-straight-from-japan-4 This time I get visited by DJ and edit maestro Ryuhei The Man from Tokyo – label head of… Oonops Drops – Straight From Japan 4 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – World Trail 7

Welcome back to my seventh hike on the world trail including amazing guests and music from around the globe via the best station of choice: Brooklyn Radio:www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-world-trail-7 This time I’ve invited renowned rapper and DJ Hunger from Japanese Hip-Hop collective Gagle Official (MC Hunger, Dj Mitsu the Beats and DJ Mu-R/Jazzy Sport) with an exclusive… Oonops Drops – World Trail 7 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Jazz’n’Beats 3

Hey y’all, in this third part of my »Jazz’n’Beats«-series on Brooklyn Radio it’s all about jazz and beats again. I’m opening the show with some heavy jazzy and oldschool flavoured heat by Godfather Don, Kool G Rap, DJ Cam Quartet and many more straight from the medium of my choice: vinyl! www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-jazznbeats-3 This time I’ve… Oonops Drops – Jazz’n’Beats 3 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – California Soul 7

»California Soul« is one of my favourite and most listened »Oonops Drops« shows of the year on Brooklyn Radio and this seventh episode is another heavy banger with three international guest mixes. Get ready for nearly three hours of sunshine infected sounds with some of the world best selectors in the funk’n’soul scene! ▷ www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-california-soul-7… Oonops Drops – California Soul 7 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – World Trail 6

Welcome to a new trip on the World Trail with me and my two guests who accompany you with their musical selections!▷ www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-world-trail-6 This time I’ve invited German producer and DJ Twit One a.k.a. Twit Uno a.k.a Tito Wun who is known for his dope instrumentals and live sets. My next guest is Dogu of… Oonops Drops – World Trail 6 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Beats’n’Tings 3

Back again with another episode full of the freshest in Beats’n’Tings plus three amazing guests from the UK, Greece and Japan! ▷ www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-beatsntings-03 This time I’ve invited the head of Soundweight Records, DJ and producer Kista who serves you a heavy mixdown of underground beats and raps and who is also responsible for the dope… Oonops Drops – Beats’n’Tings 3 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Award Tour

Get on the Award Tour with me and my three guests from around the world and their exclusive mixtapes for my newest episode on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-award-tour This time I’ve invited producer Àbáse from Budapest/Hungary, Edit- and Mash-Up-hero Del Gazeebo (Art Surgery / Soul Flip) from Brighton/UK and last but not least DJ Rhythm Funk… Oonops Drops – Award Tour weiterlesen

Guest mix for Eavesdrop Radio

Ayo, I did a little exclusive guest mix for Eavesdrop Radio WKDU 91.7FM in Philadelphia! Big thanks for inviting me! ▷ www.podomatic.com/podcasts/eavesdropradio/episodes/2020-04-26T16_51_06-07_00 I’m beginning with a moody breeze of laid-back jazz and beats before it is getting a bit more vibrant with pure funkiness and rap. My mixpart is from 1:33:39 minutes. Tracklist:01 Kutiman –… Guest mix for Eavesdrop Radio weiterlesen

Oonops Drops 100

What a special time right now and who would have thought that I would be sitting at home with my wife and kids while celebrating my 100th episode of »Oonops Drops« on Brooklyn Radio? But in these days music helps more than ever to make it through the day. It´s been almost seven years now… Oonops Drops 100 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Freeze

The last month in winter has come and I’d like to serve you a stone cold musical selection of ice cool tracks on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-freeze This time I’ve invited a master of edits – french producer The Reflex from London who exclusively mixed up 100% Reflex revisions for your listening pleasure. Next up Matt… Oonops Drops – Freeze weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Hip Hop Special 4

Woohoo – Hip Hop don’t stop! And I’m back with my fourth installment of my Hip Hop Special-series on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynrad…/oonops-drops-hip-hop-special-4 This time I’ve invited journalist, DJ, producer and Hip Hop moderator Falk-Schacht who was digging in the crates for his varied selection of dopeness. STINOE from the TrueBeatzCrew straight out of Berlin with… Oonops Drops – Hip Hop Special 4 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 4

It’s time for more colourful sounds in my new episode on Brooklyn Radio including three guests (all of them are djing label heads)! Listen here: www.mixcloud.com/brooklyn…/oonops-drops-multicolored-sound-4 In the fourth part of my »Multicolored Sound«-series I’ve invited Dusty from Munich who is the head honcho of Jazz & Milk with a selection of global and soulful… Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 4 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – The Art Of Chilling

Starting off the week with a new episode of my »Oonops Drops« show on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynr…/oonops-drops-the-art-of-chilling It’s a ride with laid back sounds to relax or nod your head to. Its called »The Art Of Chilling« and helps you to get through the week easily. I’ve invited KAZAHAYA straight from Tokyo for the third… Oonops Drops – The Art Of Chilling weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Superfly

It’s my first show of the year on Brooklyn Radio and it begins with not less than three exclusive guest mixes and over three hours of play time without talk: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-superfly My guests are producer and DJ Dr Rubberfunk from the UK who already has remixed artists from The Stereo MC’s & Norah Jones to… Oonops Drops – Superfly weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Vibes From The Underground

My last episode of »Oonops Drops« for 2019 on Brooklyn Radio is full of vibes from the underground be that hip hop, instrumentals or funky grooves. Check-in here: www.mixcloud.com/br…/oonops-drops-vibes-from-the-underground This time I’ve invited Professor Shorthair from Australia who is known for his label Superjock Records with an ace all 45’s mixture of Funk, Latin &… Oonops Drops – Vibes From The Underground weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Fingathing & Friends

Hold on tight – my brand new episode on Brooklyn Radio with high quality sounds plus three special guests is out NOW: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynra…/oonops-drops-fingathing-friends This time I’ve invited no other than legendary duo Official Fingathing (Grand Central Records, Tru Thoughts, Ninja Tune) from Manchester with an ultra-rare and exclusive vinyl guest mix for this show full… Oonops Drops – Fingathing & Friends weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Queeens & Kingz

My brand new episode of pure king shiz including freshly squeezed tunes straight from the underground is out now on Brooklyn Radio: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-queeens-kingz This time I’ve invited DJ Mr Lob from Australia with an all live hip hop 45s mix for your listening pleasure before DJ and producer King Most (www.instagram.com/heykingmost) from San Francisco is… Oonops Drops – Queeens & Kingz weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Beats’n’Tings 2

Yeah, freshest beats’n’tings straight from the underground plus three international exclusive guest mixes in my latest show on Brooklyn Radio for you! My first guests are legendary Fort Knox Five from Washington D.C. who already played alongside Snoop Dogg, The Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5 and The Black Eyed Peas to name a few and who… Oonops Drops – Beats’n’Tings 2 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Vol.2 (mixed by DJ Robert Smith)

During my vacation in Denmark and while I was hiking (shortly before a heavy downpour) my phone was humming and I got a message from my homie Dj Robert Smith who sent me a mixdown of my new compilation for Agogo Records! Check it out here: www.mixcloud.com/…/oonops-drops-vol2-mixed-by-dj-robert-smi… and get your limited copy here: https://djoonops.bandcamp.com/album/oonops-drops-vol-2 It’s… Oonops Drops – Vol.2 (mixed by DJ Robert Smith) weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – From City To City

This current episode is called „From City To City“ which reflects the main characteristic of my show which is to connect DJs and producers from around the globe with their exclusive guest mixtapes. This time I’ve invited Calamity Jade from Milan (Italy) with her fiery soul’n’funky (brass) selection (1:35:59 min – 2:15:06 min) plus DJ… Oonops Drops – From City To City weiterlesen

Oonops Drops X Global Player Selector (WDR Cosmo)

Last Saturday I was live on Cosmo’s „Global Player Selector“ radioshow by Lukasz Tomaszewski with an exclusive, one hour strictly vinyl-mixtape plus interview. Here you could listen to it again on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/…/oonops-drops-x-global-player-selector-wd… Expect tracks from my new and old compilation for Agogo Records plus other current smashers: 01 Nautilus featuring 大和田慧(Kei Owada)& Abdominal –… Oonops Drops X Global Player Selector (WDR Cosmo) weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – World Trail 5

My new hike on the musical world trail is out now on Brooklyn Radio for the 5th time: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-world-trail-5 This time I have invited Ancient Astronauts and BadboE to accompany me through our common walk of diverse global soundscapes without borders be that Lebanese groove, Hungary and Danish (electronic) jazz, Japanese pop, Australian funk, Germany… Oonops Drops – World Trail 5 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Sound Travel

Let me invite you for another mighty episode of »Oonops Drops« on Brooklyn Radio with two and a half hours of pure music from different genres be that hip hop, soul, funk, jazz or disco including two massive guest mixes by Chopper Reeds of seven piece band »Fat Freddy’s Drop« from New Zealand who delivers… Oonops Drops – Sound Travel weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – A Dub And Reggae Special

Welcome to my massive dub & reggae special with nearly 3 hours of pure Jamaican feelings: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-a-dub-and-reggae-special It’s my first thematic special in this direction and I’ve invited two world renowned selectahs for you in this field as there are Jon More (UK) from legendary Coldcut with a first class selection of rocksteady, hip hop… Oonops Drops – A Dub And Reggae Special weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Disco Detour

Have a listen to my brand new Disco-Special on Brooklyn Radio:: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-disco-detour Two and a half hours pure (nu) disco(-tangled) sounds from me and my two dj and producer guests JAY AIRINESS a.k.a. DJ MOAR from France and Glueset from Germany! Dive back in the days and feel the disco heat including classics by Carol… Oonops Drops – Disco Detour weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 3

Brand new multicolored sounds in my freshly squeezed show for Brooklyn Radio including an exclusive guest mix by hip hop producer Ol‘ Burger Beats from Norway: www.mixcloud.com/brooklyn…/oonops-drops-multicolored-sound-3 I’m opening the show with jazz, instrumentals and beats with or without raps, latin flavours, soul and funk, laidback sounds and much more! Including labels and acts like… Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 3 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – African Roots 2

After many years I’m back again with another African special on Brooklyn Radio about the spirits of African roots from the early 70s, fresh’n’highly motivated contemporary bands from around the globe to futuristic afro inspired pumping beats. This time I’ve invited John Warr (UK) who has been promoting and DJing African and Latin Music since… Oonops Drops – African Roots 2 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 2

Here is my brand new episode of multicolored sounds on Brooklyn Radio including two exclusive guest mixes: www.mixcloud.com/brooklyn…/oonops-drops-multicolored-sound-2 My first guest is one of Germany’s freshest instrumental hip hop producers Twit One who delivers a dope cross-genre minimix of hip hop, beats, soul and reggae. Next up is Sam Tweaks, second guest of UK’s Waxnerds45-crew… Oonops Drops – Multicolored Sound 2 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Walk On by

Welcome to Oonops‘ first vinyl only episode of 2019 with some sweet soul and heavy beats & breaks. He starts the show with a wide range of classic sounds, brand new releases and eclectic styles by Nubiyan Twist, Gypsy Hill, Charles Bradley, Jazz Spastiks and many more. His first guest is 45-digger Jamez Gant (Waxnerds… Oonops Drops – Walk On by weiterlesen

Jellylegs – Human

Ever so happy, I’ve finally bagged my man! One of the reasons and one of the names I quested after when I started the Human guests was this lovely chap, the one and only Oonops Drops. He makes his Human debut this week with a devastating blend of all things funky fresh and finger snappin‘… Jellylegs – Human weiterlesen

Blogrebellen – Sunday Joint – Animals

Einen solch tierischen Sunday Joint hatten wir noch nie: Oonops Drops, bekannt vom Brooklyn Radio, selektierte für seine Mischung ausschließlich Songs, die zumindest Tiere im Titel haben. Dieser eklektische Mix ist extrem vielfältig und reicht von Dub über Reggae, Soul, Funk zu Afro-Jazz bis hin zu Brass. Ein tierisches Feuerwerk der Sounds. Viel Spaß damit!… Blogrebellen – Sunday Joint – Animals weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – In The Sea

Oonops has invited three guests from around the globe. First one is multi-artist and Universal Zulu Nation member Flipout from Canada with an all 45s mix of Brooklyn Rappers! Next up we have two time regional Red Bull Thre3style champ DJ Nick Bike (Canada) with a hot mix of disco break things like MFSB, Brass… Oonops Drops – In The Sea weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – A Michael Jackson Special 2

Three years ago Oonops dropped his first Michael Jackson-Special tribute. Nine years after MJ’s death he invites you for his second vinyl only and not your average King Of Pop-mixtape with nothing else than special versions, remixes, blends, edits and cover versions of this legendary artist. Can you find the track which sounds like him… Oonops Drops – A Michael Jackson Special 2 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Humankind

Welcome to this grand tour of 3 hours through different styles of music by acts like RSN (upfront exclusive Amerigo Gazaway Remix), Alice Russell, Toshio Matsuura Group, Robert Glasper Experiment, Uyama Hiroto and so many more. Oonops starts his episode before he gets visited by three guests from around the globe. First we have Matteo… Oonops Drops – Humankind weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – World Trail 3

Oonops continues his musical journey on his ‚World Trail‘ with tracks from different decades and styles. On his trip he gets joined by japanese beatsmith DJ Beatattack from Tokyo with a bunch of razor-sharp funky boogie, disco and latin tracks before we meet original jazzrocker Oliver Korthals, the founder of the legendary Mojo Club in… Oonops Drops – World Trail 3 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Volume 1

‚Oonops Drops’ turns five this year on Brooklyn Radio and Oonops is very proud to present you an exclusive mixtape here on our station with all the tracks of his upcoming compilation on Agogo Records in the end of February 2018. It will get a proper double vinyl, cd and digital release with acts from… Oonops Drops – Volume 1 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Smooth Walk

This time Oonops invites you for a smooth walk through different styles and with not less than three exclusive guest mixes from three different countries! He welcomes dj and producer Southpaw Chop from Japan, Dom Servini (label honcho of Wah Wah 45s) from the UK and Ferry Ultra (Peppermint Jam) from Germany. But before Oonops… Oonops Drops – Smooth Walk weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Mellow Takes

This time Oonops gets visited by Jersey City based DJ Prestige. He is the founder and creative director of Fleamarket Funk where he’s preserving the music and culture of the DJ lifestyle authentically through reviews, original and guest mixes, interviews, and much more. But before his exclusive guest set Oonops starts with some deep mellow… Oonops Drops – Mellow Takes weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – The Heat

Oonops brings you the heat in this episode of his monthly vinyl only show. He welcomes Mark Foh, one half of Agogo Records‚ Mo‘ Horizons in an exclusive guest mix which is packed full of bossa, cumbia and latin beats with a dose of hip hop. Smoove (Wack Records / Jalapeno Records / Acid Jazz)… Oonops Drops – The Heat weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – World Trail 2

Oonops invites you to another musical excursion around the globe on the world trail. This time he teams up with Scrimshire (Wah Wah 45s) from the UK. Oonops starts with some strong jazz tunes from Italy and Japan before he does a brazilian side trip including beats, bossa, boogie and african influenced rhythms. Scrimshire continues… Oonops Drops – World Trail 2 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 5

Welcome to the fifth chapter of the legendary ‚Smoky Jazz Session‘ series with Oonops and Karbunck Lottinger. Once again they deliver the freshest sounds in jazz and beyond for your ears – straight from their vinyl crates: Be that experimental jazz fusion, odd future jazz, staples or jazz tangled beats and raps from artists like… Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 5 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – The Library Special

This show is dedicated to the world of dusty library sounds. For this Oonops gets visited by DJ and collector Glueset who digs deep in his crates of rare library wax. Expect some seldom heard tunes, lush strings-and-brass evocation, sparkling cinematic and gentle grooves – most of them with an uncharted history. But before Oonops… Oonops Drops – The Library Special weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – 50th Jubilee

It’s time to celebrate Oonops‘ 50th jubilee of his genre-encompassing vinyl only show ‚Oonops Drops‘ for our station Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud with not less than three supreme exclusive guest mixes by DJ and producer Guts (France), Morcheeba’s creator Paul Godfrey (UK) and beat maestro Figub Brazlevič (Germany)! Oonops opens up the show with some… Oonops Drops – 50th Jubilee weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Smile

Oonops welcomes you to his this years solo episode with a simple topic: SMILE! Ten songs with a smile in the title! All styles – all smiles! As always vinyl only. Cover shot by Ilya Nodia Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – Black Gold Of The Sun

This episode brings you a musical cross section from many decades and styles where everything’s working well in perfect soulful harmony. Oonops opens up the show with some jazzy sounds from Japan’s outstanding band Nautilus followed by new output from Bad Bad Not Good and DJ Cam’s Quartet before turning into a more soulful mood… Oonops Drops – Black Gold Of The Sun weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Dem Roots And Rituals

It is the second time that Oonops digs through his vinyl collection for a cross section of pure african music from the 60s, 70s to nowadays. Contemporary bands and remixer meet original legends from Ghana, Tunisia, Benin, Nigeria to South Africa. Producer and dj Renegades Of Jazz (Agogo Records) whose new african inspired album is… Oonops Drops – Dem Roots And Rituals weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 4

Oonops and Karbunck Lottinger meet again to bring you the freshest of the four letter word: J-A-Z-Z! As ever they combine jazz (influenced) music from all spaces and places to bring it together in their ‚Smoky Jazz Session‘. Jazzy rap, downtempo beats, spoken word, free-form, spiritual jazzthetics and many more open minded ways of this… Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 4 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – The Abyss

Expect the unexpected and explore ‚The Abyss‘ in this special episode of ‚Oonops Drops‘ on Brooklyn Radio. One of Oonops‘ first mixtapes ‚Nightmare On Beatstreet‘ inspired him to do this remake with even more mysterious and gloomy music. It’s like an overlength mixed soundtrack chock full of unease and uncertain feelings. He teamed up with… Oonops Drops – The Abyss weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Promised Land

This time Oonops drops some real heavy, exclusive and unreleased world music for your listening pleasure. His two guests in this month’s show are Björn Wagner – head honcho of the lovely Mocambo Records label – who did a little funk’n’soul showcase of Mocambo 45s with sample-flips, versions, previously unreleased and classic tracks. Next guest… Oonops Drops – Promised Land weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Roller Boogie

As known for travelling into different realms Oonops digs deep into the boogie section this time for your listening pleasure. Demir Cesar joins the show for the second time with another hot selection of vinyl tunes out of his crates. Expect slices of easy peasy boogie tunes (with an afro touch), disco tangled styles, edit… Oonops Drops – Roller Boogie weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Back To The Boom Bap

Oonops drops some hard knocking boom bap sounds, neck-snapping instrumentals, smoked out jazz beats, slick lyrics, dope oldschool vibes and tight rhymes straight from his dusty vinyl crates. This month he welcomes producer Headnodic (of Crown City Rockers) straight from California in an exclusive guestmix who presents an all-instrumental session with his current fav tunes.… Oonops Drops – Back To The Boom Bap weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Latin Inferno

This episode is dedicated to latin music, moods and sounds. Oonops invites his mates DJ Alfredo from Italy and Satenga with whom he runs a bi-monthly vinyl only club night at the magnificent Calamari Moon Suite in Hanover. Oonops starts the show with a fresh combination of 60s, 70s and todays sounds straight from his… Oonops Drops – Latin Inferno weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Phantom Of The Panther

Join Oonops on his exploration through the deepest jungle where he stands facing the Phantom of the Panther. On his way through dense vegetation and unruly space he has some energizing music in his survival kit: mysterious drum breaks, truely spoken words, thunderous beats and delightful reggae vibes. Artwork by Kevin Daniel Download & full… Oonops Drops – Phantom Of The Panther weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Desert Sun

If you ever should get lost in the desert, in the rain forest or wherever else: this is definitely your soundtrack to survive. Otherwise enjoy it while laying on the beach and getting grilled by the desert sun. In this episode Oonops drops some burning laid back joints from his vinyl crates to heat you… Oonops Drops – Desert Sun weiterlesen