Oonops Drops – Cold Lampin‘ With Flavour

Oonops selects another bunch of hot and timeless tunes in his 25th episode for Brooklyn Radio. As ever a vinyl only selection for you in his unique style from lonesome beats, dub, soul, funk to hip hop. Just chillin‘ in the spot. Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – Midnight Ease

In this episode Oonops takes you on a journey through a starry night with a careful vinyl selection of calming tunes. ‚Midnight Ease‘ aims to be a timeless mixtape for any avid and discernable listener while late night cruising, slowing down or just daydreaming. This time Oonops hooks up with Nostalgia 77 who serves an… Oonops Drops – Midnight Ease weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Spinning Wonderwheel

Starting with some heavy dub before it’s getting towards into the musical direction of Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Panama and Mali. Who could be better suited for a fitting guest mix than Nickodemus from Brooklyn – the head behind ‚Wonderwheel Recordings‘ and ‚Turntables On The Hudson‘ who is known for his music without borders. He drops… Oonops Drops – Spinning Wonderwheel weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Straight From Japan 1

Oonops digs deep for this japanese special of ‚Oonops Drops‘ with strictly vinyl tunes of artists, bands and producers straight from Japan. It’s all about beats, breaks and jazzy music. Furthermore Oonops hooks up with Shin-Ski (of Martiangang / ShinSight Trio / Leviatorz) who delivers an exclusive guest mix which represents his versatile style of… Oonops Drops – Straight From Japan 1 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – African Roots

This mighty episode of ‚Oonops Drops‘ is capturing the spirit of african roots from the early 70s, vibrant contemporary bands to futuristic afro-jazz inspired dub-house. Let’s explore these fascinating cultural eras with two guest mixes from Chriz The Wiz (Noetics) and Path (Biodub) which make this show a triptych african musical experience. Download & full… Oonops Drops – African Roots weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 2

Jazz! Jazz!! Jazz!!! – in all forms. It’s the second installment of this smoked out mix series of jazz madness. Avantgarde meets rap and jazz beats, swing and big bands meet modern jazz. Oonops and Karbunck Lottinger teamed up again to take an overall picture of cold crushed jazz. Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – NOriginals

Noriginals – smashing and mashing up the spot – no originals – pure mash up goodness, blends, (re)edits, bootlegs, remixes, bastard pop – whatever you wanna call it. Oonops drops a hybrid bunch of tunes in this set – enjoy! Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – Brooklyn Tree

Brooklyn Tree – standing magnificent in a side road between two derelict old buildings. Bedded by slack hands. Breaking through the brittle concrete and quietly growing. Its branches and twigs are filled with a musical manifold which gets lifted up to the crown. Brooklyn silhouette. Silence. Happy end. Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – One Day At The Tropical Bay

One day at the tropical bay. Imagine your feet slipping through the salty sea and feel the lush summer breeze. Let the summer pass with this significant biodiversity of pantropical sounds from cumbia, brazilian, latin to afro. Oonops and Chriz The Wiz (Noetics) love the sunshine – like everybody loves it. Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 1

Dig this selection of eclectic jazz tunes and in-between. More than unbelievable two hours of jazzy beat producers, smoky rap tunes, modern jazz, free jazz, heady Ninja Tune styles, Charlie Parker (remixed) Doo-Bop and lots of other open minded jazz styles for the headz and jazzcats out there. Oonops and Karbunck Lottinger are a longtime… Oonops Drops – Smoky Jazz Session 1 weiterlesen

Oonops Drops – Block Rocking Chops

Shake a leg with this second episode of „Oonops Drops“. „Block Rocking Chops“ is all about beats and dancefloor friendly breaks and edits. Spiced up with some Northern Jazz in the guest set of Renegades Of Jazz. Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – Palm Avenue

Turn into Palm Avenue. You’ll see a south american cocktail bar, a couple of dancing swing kids at the bus station, some bad boys in a backstreet and hear a sweet french voice in your car radio. Feel the drive through Palm Avenue with this soundtrack. Download & full tracklist

Oonops Drops – Brooklyn Dawn

Brooklyn Dawn is the third part of Oonops‘ Brooklyn series. Starting with some laidback tunes the mix turns into some heavy dubfire before switching into a chock full blend of fat beats, funky, groovy breaks and shaolin-esque soul. As usual a pure vinyl live mix, including a dope new exclusive vinyl test press of the… Oonops Drops – Brooklyn Dawn weiterlesen